Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's Already Tuesday!

WHOA! A 4 day work week for most of you. Just two for me! I win! Know why? We go to DC on Thursday! THURSDAY! Can you believe it?

What a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend! Friday, I had a delish dinner at Eleven Eleven Mississippi. I had a salad with their house strawberry vinaigrette dressing, crab cakes and gooey butter cake... to go. Wes had bacon wrapped tenderloin. I always like his better.  Actually, I just wanted more food. Then, it was to Jersey Boys! It was AMAZING! Go see it. Saturday, Mom and I got our nails done, and I got all my shit together for DC. That was fun! Saturday night, Wes and I saw Hangover II. It is true what "they" say. It's the same as numero uno. But just as funny and I didn't think it was totally predictable. Sunday was wedding day! I thought the ceremony started at 3. It didn't. It started at 5:30. Good thing I realized this before 2. The wedding was gorgeous! It was great seeing old friends and I even made a couple new ones!

Congrats Jeff and Rachel!

Monday, Mom, Dad and I went golfing. I beat dad. We had dinner at Red Robin (Yum!) and indulged in homemade desserts. Mom and I watched a few FNL episodes. OHHHHHH How I miss Coach Taylor! Then, of course, Dad badgered me until I turned it to the Bachelorette. Are you watching? How lame is Bentley! But I laughed when he said, "I'm going to make Ashley cry. I hope my hair looks ok." I mean, all three of us laughed. And by laughed, I mean howled. Funny always trumps mean. Sorry, Ash. But you knew he was a chump from the beginning. I'm sure the producers paid you a little extra to keep him around for a bit.

And where can I get a pair of these... promise I won't sit like that.

Happy Tuesday!

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