Friday, October 28, 2011


Um.  Hi.  Did you see what happened last night???

The Cardinals are David Freese is amazing!  I realize this is a team sport, a team effort and a team win.  But let's give credit where credit is due... to David Freese.

Anyway, here are some highlights. 

The bunt...

Ok, so my plan was to be totally awesome and put all the highlights on here, but it's impossible to find anything on youtube!  And I'm getting frustrated!  It's all peoples' home videos, which is super, but you can't see sh*t!!!   Or, it's a recording of the game on TV, how stupid.

But at least I have that bunt!!  I.  Am.  Lame.

Tonight is game 7, I'll be downtown taking it all in with this precious gingersnap...

Look at her ugly hat.  I called her "neutral" and made her wear those beads.
GASP! She wasn't born a Cards fan, but she'll be one tonight. 
Happy Friday and GO CARDS!!!

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