Friday, October 14, 2011

It's a Baseball Town

If you don't live under a rock, then you know it's THE post-season!!  I truly believe baseball is America's favorite past time.  You can argue, and you will argue if you don't like baseball... but you're just being a baby.  Because, if you asked me if I liked baseball, my answer wouldn't be, "HELL YES!!" it would be.. "Well... I mean, yeah, I like it, but I would usually choose something else over watching it." And I might pass up a game because it's "too hot."  So, sue me.  HOWEVER, St. Louis eats, breathes, bleeds and LOVES their Cardinals.  How can you blame them/us?  I'm truly a fan first because I live here.  But it's pretty awesome to be a part of it all... a VITAL part.

So, what about this squirrel phenomenon?  Totally hilarious, right?  I bought into it, absolutely.  Gives us something else to believe in, ya know?  You should see all the squirrel stuff at the game!  People in squirrel costumes, people with live stuffed (make sense?) squirrels, sorta weird.  People with store bought stuffed squirrels stapled to their hats.  I wonder how many rally squirrels I'll see at my house in a few weeks!  Here's a cookie mom bought me.  Yes, a cookie.  It was DELISH!

Middle of the picture is a squirrel stapled (I guess) to a guy's cap.  Hilarious.

And, this, is Heaven.

Happy Friday! GO CARDS!!

OMG. PS. I'm totally wearing a fashion blogger's outfit todayyyyyy! Why do I rule so hard! Red cords (for the Cards, of course), a chambray button up/down, black flats, and my Cards beads! #winning #lookingamazingwhilewinning #ilovetwitter (I'm going to tweet this right now!)

And, I'm wearing make up today.  You're welcome.

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