Monday, October 24, 2011


This doesn't really have anything to do with a nurse, except that my bff Katelin Jo Warmington, Jr. is a nurse.  And just kidding, she's not a Jr.

Over the weekend I pulled off Operation:  STHOPABAKAMAD (Surprise The Heck Outta Peg And Bud AKA Mom And Dad).  It was super awesome and fun and great.  My parents celebrated 30 years on Thursday, Oct. 20.  So, I (with the help of many important accomplices) threw them a little Surprise partay on Saturday at the Fox and Hound in Chesterfield.  It was awesome and fun and great, again.  We had a great turn out!  Food was awesome, service was awesome. 

Here's the only pic I have, at the moment anyway!  Also, a little dark!

Mom and Dad are in the center of the pic, "behind" #25.  Mom is in red, Dad in yellow.
Jan (accomplice #1) is to the left, laughing.  Janet (accomplice #2) to the right, also laughing.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Mom and Dad (again!)!!

Yesterday was the inaugural St. Louis Rock N' Roll Half Marathon and Marathon.  It was awesome!  Mom, Jan and I volunteered.  What a great race!  We were at water station #4, at mile marker 6.1.  I can't even count how many times I said that yesterday, along with, "CYTOMAX, CYTOMAX, CYTOMAXXXXXXXXXXXX!" (the sports drink offered at our water station).  And to the girl in the Texas Rangers  T, I boo-ed you, and I have no remorse. 

Here I am, right side of pic, squatting... giving a little motivation to the runner in green. 
These two were the first to come through mile 6, and had 20 more to go. 
My words were something to the effect of, "BEAT HIM GREEN!!  BEAT HIMMMMMMMMMM!!!!"
After the race, we bummed around downtown.  Stopping in the Cards team store for some World Series gear.  Can't wait till it says World Series CHAMPS!  We had lunch at Caleco's and then headed home.  Mom and I went to Fleet Feet and Dick's later.  I got a new pair of all black running shoes, and bought some neon green laces to spruce them up!  They look super fast.  I also selected my Soldier half marathon racing outfit!  You will LOVE it and be able to spot me miles away!!

Happy Monday and GO CARDS!  Carp pitches tonight!  WOO!

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