Sunday, October 2, 2011


Lucky YOU, it's Sunday and I'm blogging!  I would tell you to pay me overtime, except I haven't blogged since Tuesday... hmmm...

I'm currently watching Home Makeover, love this show.  Except it makes me want to have something super duper wrong with me so I can get a SUH WEET pad.  Tonight they built a rental property in addition to a house.. best idea ever!!  I want that, too.  And a pirate room, with a waterfall.  And a slide.  But Jonah's slide is fully enclosed, and no me gusta.. that freaks me out.. so please keep the slide open on top.  Moving on...

Friday night I mingled with The Band Perry.. I'm barely exaggerating..

L to R: Matthew, Neil Perry, Amanda, Kimberly Perry, moi, Wes, Reid Perry
Have you ever heard of the game, "8 degrees of Kevin Bacon"? Well, I'm like basically Kimberly's bff.. Paxton is the and Kimberly's cousin, he hunts at The Country Lodge.  Wes's brother, Matthew, run's the show at The Country Lodge.. see?  Practically related.  Anywho, not gonna lie, I didn't know too many TBP songs.. and I may have been just "going along for a good time" until TBP came out on stage.  Hello!  I was instantly hooked!  These three were born to perform, led by Kimberly. I've never been to a concert where I didn't really know the performers, and left LOVING them.. for reals.  TBP is it, people.  It's clear they love what they do!  I left the concert feeling so amazingly awesome!  And, I bought the CD.  I rule.  So does The Band Perry.

Also, pics from Meg and Joe's Wedding

My dress is from Zara, and shoes are Poetic License

Mr. and Mrs. Minicky!! 
We had some time to kill before the reception..
Jules and Jimmy.  He has a pager, which means he's a doctor.
Boogie and me

Portell.. this one is single, ladies!!  Inquire within.
Portell, Mandy, Tony and ET 
Love these two.

First dance!
The Group
Back row L to R: Tony, Mandy, Joe (Groom), Jason, Wes
Front row L to R: Portell, ET, Jules, Doc, Meg (bride, obvi), me
He caught the garter, it was around the football.
This is blog 1 of 2 for this first Sunday in October!  Can you believe it's October!!

I think I'm gonna need a bowl of honey nut Cheerios.. eating my feelings..

Happy Sunday!

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