Monday, October 17, 2011

We're Going To The 'Ship!

YAHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Cards are going to the World Series!!  First games are Weds. and Thurs. at home, against the Rangers (duh)!  We (MSU gals) coined the phrase, "We're going to the 'Ship!" as in Championship.. You can absolutely use it.

Wes and I met Allie in Murray over the weekend.  It was Homecoming, and it was awesome! We arrived just before half time of the football game.  We played EIPoo (Eastern Illinois U) (Not really Poo) and we won.  It was a great game!  EIPoo has only won 1 this year, so MSU was expected to pound them.  But it turned out to be a little bit of a nail biter.  Very entertaining for the fans, I'm sure Coach Hatcher was a leeeeetle ticked. The final was 36-27, and I know we were down by as much as 10 at one point.  We were still down 3 with 3:06 (thank you left on the clock.  Seriously, twas awesome.  Here's the best part... I know you've heard this before... After every Racer TD, Racer 1 takes a lap on the track.  That's right people a REAL LIVE HORSE.  Here's the video Wes captured on Saturday.

This is the coolest thing you'll ever see. EVER. Best tradition in college sports. I said it.

After the game, we drove and walked around campus.  Everything looks great!  We checked up on 88 Welch, she looks fabulous!  And noticed Wes's house was for rent.  An old dorm was torn down, and two new ones have been built.  We found some more parking lots.  Also, sounds like President Dunn has given the OK to tailgating and drinking adult beverages on campus... at least for the purpose of tailgating.  Which, I think, really gives you the college football experience.  Just being able to do it.  Um.. without fear of being expelled.. yes, sports fans, we still tailgated even though it wasn't "allowed."  We stumbled upon the best tailgate ever.. two LARGE RVs- that looked a bit more like tour buses, parked parallel... in between them were about 20 people and a big screen TV.  Hi. My name is Jessica, invite me next time!  We stopped by the RSEC (Said ARE-SECK), renamed the CFSB Center (Said CA-FAH-SA-BA) (Just kidding, you read the letters).  I hate it, too.  We grabbed sandwiches at Quizno's then headed to the women's volleyball game.  Two things:  1.  You'll never find a better Quizno's then the one in Murray, KY 2.  Women's college volleyball is the BEST college sport to watch. After MSU destroyed EKU, we headed to our beloved BAC!  That's the BIG APPLE CAFE!  More affectionately referred to as "The Apple" or "Le Apple" if you're French.  Everything closes by midnight in Murray (for the most part), which I totally love.  You're not waiting around till 10 to go out, and you get home at a reasonable time!  We'll definitely be back, and sooner than 3 years!
And, of course, it was fabulous seeing everyone!!
Happy Monday!

RIP Huddle House, you were the quintessential 3am treat!

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