Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I'm here!  I'm here!

Ok, soooo you missed a lot!  Probably because I didn't blog.  OOPS!

Last weekend, my cousin Emily drove in from Des Moines.  Emily had tix to the Sugarland concert that got canceled in Iowa when the stage fell and killed 5 or so peeps in Minnesonta Indiana... I think I have that right.  I mean, I know for sure her concert got canceled.  Anyway, Mom, Em, Kim, Jan, Jeremy, Kiki and I went to see Sugarland at the Verizon Wireless Center Friday night. It. Was. Awesome!! Sara Bareilles opened up for Sugarland, she was awesome, too!  And even the weather was perfect!!  In addition to this fantabulous concert, it was also the 5th game of the NLDS.  Cards vs Phillies, in Philly.  I'm sure all of you know what has happened by now, but what a thrill to experience the win with 14,000 of my closest friends!!  Kristian (Bush of Sugarland) even had a Cards hat on by the end of the concert. Here is what Sugarland had to say about it all.

This soft focus you see.. purely accidental #winning
Saturday, yours truly had to go for a little 9 mile yog.. that's right.. 9 miles.  No, I'm not happy about it, and I would even go as far as saying I never want to do it again. But you sure do feel great after! My half marathon is exactly 1 month from today.  I'm looking forward to it being over.  In a good way.  Anyway, Mom and Em met me at mile marker 8.75, that was a treat!  I found me some new legs at that point.  Then we walked the rest of the way home.  Then we had this for breakfast.  Boo-ya.  It was delish, thanks to the Duff Man for finding this little gem.  After breakfast, we hit Macy's.  Can you believe Des Moines doesn't have a Macy's!  I KNOW.  I found a totally adorbs blue tie dye-ish cape-y T.  You will want it soooo bad!!!  And I found a big, fat monkey ring.. OOH! Speaking of rings.. I got this from Angela on etsy.

Hilarious, I know!

Then, we sped, literally, back home for Emily's Mary Kay party!! WOO!  I love Mary Kay! Virtually all my goods come from Mary Kay.  Emily is a new consultant and she beautified us!  I would say it was definitely a success all around!! And all of my new goodies should arrive today or tomorrow! YES! I'm really looking forward to the tinted moisturizer.  A nice alternative to "putting on makeup"  I don't think I've worn any since Saturday.. I'm embarrassed.  Saturday night I took Em to Double D's Karaoke Bar.. Ok. People. Listen up! If you're going to a Karaoke bar, and it's after 9pm.  NO OLD STUPID SLOW SONGS.  And no same sex duets, that was weird.

Sunday, Em left for Des Moines.  I'm so glad she got to spend a couple of days with us!!  Mom and I went to Von Maur at The Meadows in Lake St. Louis.  We had never been! Can you believe that? Well, we've been in Iowa, but not here.  Anyway, I bought me some new booties!  And another totally adorbs ring, with a gorgy green center stone.  And then we hit up Banana Republic and Loft, naturally.  I was able to find some non jeans pants and skirts and use some coups!  Then, Mom and I went home and cleaned our closets!! That's always so refreshing.  I wish I could get rid of more!  My general rule: If you don't wear it in a year, get rid of it!

Happy Wednesday!  Let's go Cardinals!! Clap clap clapclapclap.

Sorry for the lack of pics, I have more just not with me..

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