Thursday, February 16, 2012


Another MSU win last night and a THIRD STRAIGHT OVC REGULAR SEASON TITLE!!  Wes and I went to the game for our Valentine's Day date.  It was a fun little RT.  The Southeast Missouri gym was packed!  Only the 5th time it's ever had more than whatever it holds.  Ha, how about those details!  We sat on the floor, and I felt like I was right up Isaiah Canaan's butt, which was cool.  I had the fancy schmancy camera, but then there was some silly announcement about NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY.  PUH LEASE.  So, I put it away.  I'm such a little rule follower.  The cop may have isolated my rule breaking ability by pointing at me, but that's when I said, "Sorry!  I'll probably do it again!"  But didn't, I was too enthralled in the game.  You got lucky, cop.

Here's the article.

Saint Mary's happens Saturday.  It's also senior night. 

1 of our 3 seniors: Donte Poole

Insert:  Old Gray Mare

Happy Thursday!

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