Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Title Block

It is so hard coming up with Titles!  Probably because I have nothing good to say :)

1.  Yeah Giants!  Who rooted for the Giants?  I rooted for LMFAO at half time, until Madonna bored me to death.  So pissed at Madge.  Then I was torn... do I vote for Eli (QB for BIG ASS TDs- my fantasy team, duh) and JPP (Blind father was at the game listening-a little awk to say), or the Patriots (Owner recently lost his wife).  WHAT DO I DO!  I chose "as long as it's a good game," which makes me such a dweeb, so I chose the Giants.  But mostly because of Little Giants... Spike's in HELL.  Spike's in PEE WEE HELL.  And so begun my chants, "GIANTS! GIANTS! (Help us GOD!)"

2.  Everyone go get a Pura Vida Bracelet.  Use code LOVE20, ends soon. (Thanks LC)

3.  MSU is 23-0, next game Thurs. at 7pm vs Tennessee State on ESPN3, and Saturday the 11th, vs Austin Peay on ESPNU at 7:30.  AP just got SMOKED by Belmont.

4.  My two fav holidays are coming up!! Valentine's day and FAT Tuesday!!  Mom made me some heart garland, she hung it in my bathroom and my bedroom. YEAHHHH MOM!

'Scuse my mess, Dad said if I picked up my floor he would vacuum for me.  So, I put it all on my bed.
Thanks Dad!

5.  Still haven't uploaded pics. It's been at least a month.

6.  Obvi, that's my go to line when I have nothing else to talk about!

Happy Tuesday!  GO RACERS!

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