Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let's Make A Bet

Have I already used this as a title?  Title issues, I swear.

I like to make bets with my dad.  I do it a lot.  They're usually harmless, like 99% harmless.  Generally a bet gets made when one of us thinks the other is like SO WRONG, and those actually have some stake in them.  But I also like to make him eat vegetables for money, and of course, we bet on sports.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Illinois was playing Northwestern, and with less than 1 minute to go, Illinois was down 4.  I bet dad that Illinois would win.  We shook on it, which means a bet is a bet is a bet, apparently even when you slap hands, give knucks, secret handshake, whatevs. For the record, he shook with his left and I shook with my right, that would confuse anyone making a bet, right?  Anyway, I thought I was supposed to get points, points weren't given, so I assumed the bet as null.  Wrong.  Bud hounded me the rest of the night for his money.

"You owe me 5 bucks." "Where is my money?" "Where is my 5 dollars?"

I kept telling him the bet wasn't real.  Well, good ol' Wes just informed me, we shook on it, and when you shake, it means... say it with me... a bet is a bet is a bet.  Then I said to him, what I just said to you.  He wasn't sold.

Today, I tried to get Bud to eat a carrot.  A portion of this carrot had a nasty greenish, brownish ring around it.  I just asked him to eat that part, it wasn't like I asked him to eat the WHOLE carrot.  If he ate the dirty part of the carrot, I would give him $5.  He refused.  He said, "I don't come through on bets."  Which I took very personally! 

"But I DO come through on bets, I thought Sunday's bet wasn't realllllllllllll!  C'mon DAAAAAAAAAAD."

That's how it went. 

He kept saying no to the carrot.

Bud swears cucumbers will kill him, also bell peppers.  Which is why I try to give him money to eat veggies.  The stakes have gotten pretty high, I've offered upwards of $50.  He almost did it for $50, but I chickened out.  Because I didn't want him to die!!

And because I didn't have $50...

So, I'm starting to keep notes.  "Bets With Bud"  And then I'm going to share all the bets I make with my Dad right here.  By the way, my car is ready at the dealership, I got a new latch for my hatch, if you recall... I emailed Dad to let him know my car was ready, his response...

"$5 for a ride to pick it up!!!"

IT.  IS.  ON.

Happy Wednesday!  OMG it's OMGW!

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  1. Hi Punkin' -- two things: 1) I inspected that carrot before I put it in your lunch to be sure the color was harmless. Your safety and nutrition are very important to me. 2) when that bet was going down, I heard Wes say "JESSICA HE HAS TO GIVE YOU ODDS." -- I'm just saying!