Thursday, February 2, 2012


I didn't upload any pictures or do whatever I said I was going to do in yesterday's blog.  Sorry.

Last night I had a PR on the treadmill, 5K in under 29 mins.  GOOOOOOOOOO ME!  And I only almost died, instead of actually dying.  I may take it easy tonight, maybe. 

This morning I sprayed myself in the eye with hairspray.  Like STRAIGHT in the eye.  It was sad.  I cried.  Actually, my eye just watered profusely until all the crapola was exiled from my eye.  I'm having no problems seeing and will offer lessons, for a small fee. 

Like this, except IN. MY. EYE!
Besides running late overall, I left my wallet and car keys at home.  I'm only at work because Bud drove me.  I totally recommend working at the same company as your Fasha.  Especially if your Fasha rules.  By now you must be thinking, "POOOOORRRR JDUBBBB!!" however, on the way back from the restroom, two of my lovely coworkers called me over to their desks and proceeded to tell me how much they loved my hair.  They even mentioned my bangs.  Take that banghaters.

Not only did I receive a promotion, I also received compliments, from not one, but two persons.. at the same time.  Somebody get my ego it's own zip code.  Stat.

MSU plays SEMO tonight at 7pm on ESPNU.  If you come over, there will be pizza.

(I'm aware you've already seen this logo, get used to it.)

Happy Thursday!

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