Wednesday, February 1, 2012



I miss you!

I'm here, and haven't uploaded any new pics.

Murray State is 21-0!  We drew Saint Mary's for our Bracketbuster on Feb. 18.  Errybody come over and watch with me.  For reals, do it.  We play SEMO tomorrow, UTM Saturday, and have 3 more games before the 18th.  So get acquainted with the team, learn names, numbers, positions, hairstyles, calf sizes, and prepare to fall in love with Head Coach Steve Prohm.  Don't worry about me, I'm already seeing Tiger (T3 in Dubai!  WOOT!).

Also in the news, I had problems starting my car yesterday.  WTF.  You know how I feel about this right?  The same way I feel about computer problems and rap music.  Why do I have to pay so much scrilla for something that is going to break, or fail me, or buffer for 35 minutes?  And why did I not come up with, "I"m hot cuz I'm fly, you ain't cuz you not.  This is why, this is why, this is why I'm hot."?  However, those down at Jim Butler Kia rule.  I was able to take Wiggy in yesterday after work, and get her back today at lunch.  I needed a new brake switch, an oil change, and turns out my tailgate is loose, so a new latch is coming.  How can I afford this you ask?  Easy, it's fritos.  Thank you Warranty and Power Package.  I guess if Wig is gonna go down, she should do it before that stuff runs out.  Also, my totes amazing Dad noticed I was missing a tire valve cap.  Just so happens the Kia dealership is a great place to find one.  Maybe just grab it off another Sorento.  Maybe.

What else?  Abusement Park is back on track after suffering our worse loss in franchise history.  If you follow me on Twitter, you already know this.  We played in a tournament over the weekend.  Won the first two, did not win the third, not even close.  Speaking of winning, I haven't scored a goal in a while.

I also tried a new nail trend.  New for me, I realize it has been out there for a while.  I think I need more sparkles, I'll do that tonight... WHILE I UPLOAD MY OTHER PHOTOS!  YES!  My IQ just sky rocketed.

More sparkles, right?  But how good does my hand look!
I'm back in the gym, back to running after a 2.5 month hiatus... I'm already under 10 minute miles.  Jackpot!  I've been challeneged to a 5K in May.  Whoever finishes higher in their age group wins.  My competitor isn't going to wear shoes.  I will win because I will wear shoes.  Who doesn't run in shoes? 

Blackberry pics...

Mom and I celebrated Aunt Mel's 50th with Revel Fudge Brownies!
Aunt Mel would have been 50 on Jan. 28th,  she passed away from a brain aneurysm in 2003.
(Photo is of Aunt Mel holding her youngest daughter, Madeline)

Mom made (yes, MADE!) these coasters for us for Aunt Mel's birthday.
The bottom says, "The ones that love us, never really leave us."
And check out You'll probably like it more if you like skinny and you like running.

Happy Wednesdsay, lovelies.  I resolve to blog better in 2012.

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