Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi Loves!
Valentine's Day is my favorite! 

This is my new Tervis Tumbler, complete with pink lid and straw.
You can't see because I'm a great photo taker.

Mom made these cookies last night, I got to write the message.
"Tweet me" is of course my fav.  And I plan to eat it today.
Inspiration found here.
Mom made Pixi bouquets!

These are in my drawer at work.
It's like giving yourself a Valentine everytime.

 I love Valentine's Day, I love wearing pink and purple and red and preferably all at once.  I love wearing as many hearts as I can at the same time.  Mom and Dad also gifted me a new super fast running outfit, good smelling lotions, a new pair of red heart shades (I've been wearing mom's), and some funky headbands, which I will compete in tonight.  Abusement Park plays at 9:35!

Tonight, the girls and I will be seeing "This Means War" pre-Abusment Park abuse.

Happy Tuesday!  Love is the closest thing we have to magic.

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