Friday, February 24, 2012

Hodge Podge

Stay with me, my thoughts don't come in order by date, and there is no sort button.

Have you soccer girls seen this?  I laughed the skin on the bottom of my toes off!  Err wait, that was from an indoor double header.  Watch this.

Mom and Dad visited my boo Tiger on Tuesday.  Lucky ducks.  Mom sent me all sorts of pics!!

In Bracketbusters... MSU SMOKED St. Mary's last Saturday.  SO AWESOME for the Racers!  Proud alum here. 

Here's the article, it says the final score was 65-51, but I'm pretty sure the final was 65-49.

And since then, the Racers have avenged their 1 loss to Tennessee State with a 17 point win over the Tigers last night!!  Next game is tomorrow against Tenn Tech.

Sing it with me...


Also, last Saturday morning I endured a battle rope beating, whoever invented those sucks. My hands, wrists, forearms, elbow pits were so sore.  That soreness finally subsided, just in time for me to do some Jillian Michaels exercises from this month's Health magazine.  OMG that was stupid.  I need a compression sleeve for my core.
That's not me, but the size of my bicpes are comparable.
What else has happened?  Weird, I can't remember.

These two beautys get married tomorrow, I'm not gonna lie, I would totally marry them.  I love them.  They'd be perfect for me.

Ryan and Kim
This also makes Ryan officially an "MSU girl"... he is sooooooOOOooooo lucky!

OH!  New Bets With Bud.

Here's a recap.

So, Tiger won his first round of Matchplay, cutting my losses by $50.  We had $100 on Round 2, which we know Tiger lost... yeah, yeah, save the heckling... so, instead of being even, IOB $200.  Newest bet: I get 4 to 1 odds MSU makes it to the Final Four.  If MSU makes it I win 400 bones, if they don't, IOB $100 (put it on my tab).  C'monnnnnnn RACERS!!!!

Next week is Leap Day, I feel like I should get a present.

Happy Friday, have a super weekend!

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