Thursday, August 9, 2012

2nd Place is The First Loser

Wednesday's workout: 3 mi, .5 in 4:46, 2.5 in 22:59... I had to use the restroom.
Today: REST! THANK YOU LORD BABY JESUS, I'm tired, and my body aches!  Even my upper body.  Must be swimming in my sleep again.

HEY!  Today is the gold medal match for US Women's Soccer! OOHHH BABY!  We play Japan, and if anyone remembers, Japan beat us in the World Cup final last year.  Redemption baby!  Don't tell me what happens (TIM!), I'm Mom is recording the game.

Have you noticed how much these Olympians HATE the silver medal??  I've only seen one person excited over a silver medal these games and was sprinter, Dawn Harper (East siiiiiiiide!).  Otherwise, these athletes are PISSED.  But bronze always seems to be pretty pumped.  It's like if you got silver you could have gotten gold, but if you got bronze you were nowhere close to anything... you got lucky.  If anyone wants me to win silver medals for them, I'll do it in any sport, any time.  Not because I'm talented, because I want a freakin' silver medal.

Last night, I watched the women's 400m hurdles, USA's girl... um... LeShawnda Demus??  Is that right?  She was PISSED she got 2nd.  But she's thankful, but she's more pissed.  We'll see her in Rio.  Her mom is her coach, how cool is that!

I'm typing nonsense while I try to find pics of sore losers.

I'm not a huge fan of Ryan Lochte, but if I was, I would LOVE this picture.  I'm sending it to Granger now.  She's weirdly obsessed.  My obsession with Tiger Woods is completely normal, her obsession is creepy, off the charts and mildly inappropriate.

Happy Thursday! GO USA!

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