Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Monday: 3.5 mi, 33:06
Tuesday: TWO indoor soccer games, I scored like 1,000 goals
Weds: 3 mi

OMG!! Did you guys hear???  Laguna Beach's biatch we love to hate had a baby!!  I love and loved Kristin on LB, when my friends were like UGH she's soooo mean, I'd be all, "OMG I KNOW!!" But then I'd be like, "BUT I LOVE HER!" First of all, Stephen was a huge dork, and LC's hair was fugly.  LC is smokin' these days, thank GOD she got her hair fixed!  And Lo?  OMG SWOON!  I LOVE LO. Like I love lamp, but Lo.

Here's an article:

So presh.

That's all I got.

Happy Wednesday!

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