Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I'm sick.

Where did I leave off???
Friday: 3 mi, nothing to time me, probably about 14 minutes... flat.
Saturday: 7 mi, mom peeled me off the road, Thanks Mom!
Sunday: Rest
Monday: I had to get up early to run, I ended up only running 1.65, ha
Tuesday: Soccer

More Hope Solo beef.  WTF is her problem.  Actually, I know her problem... she wrote a memoir.

I got this from Buss yesterday.  She got me all fired up.


Freakin' Hope Solo obviously thinks someone cares about her, here's what's worse, apparently so does a publisher.  I read that article, and the whole time I was thinking, she's such a brat.  She isn't sorry for anything... and do you know WHY she isn't sorry???  Because she ran her big mouth AGAIN at the Olympics, like three weeks ago.  I talked ranted about it here.  Maybe, BIG MAYBE, I would have believed she was sorry if she kept her mouth shut at the Olympics, or ever since 2007, but noooooooooooooo.  Seriously, team USA has peeps, right?  Where is the team PR person, because you need to hire another PR person strictly for Hope... who, ironically, has no hope.  Listen, I generally don't judge professional athletes off the field (cough::Tiger Woods::cough), but Hope is bringing it to the field.  We know she's a good goal keeper.  We give her credit for the Olympics (team effort of course), she made some GREAT saves in the gold medal match, but someone tell her to keep her trap shut. 

Every time she says this:

"I think all of us believe in ourselves enough to think we can affect the outcome."

I want to punch her in the face.  That's a cop out.  She said, "I could have made those saves." Really, then why didn't you make them against Japan in the 2011 World Cup final?   I say no one cares, but obviously I do a little, otherwise I wouldn't be blogging about this maniac woman.  I just want her to shut up.  And stop lying in your memoir.   And I'm sick, so you should feel sorry for me.  And it's WYBT.   On a lighter note, yesterday was this beauty's birthday.    
  We had a lovely bday dinner at cool little spot in downtown Clayton called Crushed Red, I recommend it! I lied to her and said we're going to the Card's game on Thurs... we're actually seeing The Lion King, surprise!  And fingers crossed, it's a sing-a-long, because we know all the words.   Happy Tuesday!

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