Monday, August 6, 2012


Yo.  Sup.

Friday: 3 mi, under 28 min
Saturday: Resties!
Sunday: 5 mi RACE, I won. 47:20, good for a NEW PR!
Monday: 3.5 mi

Here's what I did.  Friday night, Granger and I went to a restaurant/bar and watched the Olympics.  I got a crick in my neck.  And Granger got Bavarian pretzels and soup.  We cheered loudly for US, and we could, because the bar was packed and you couldn't hear anything anyway... except for us cheering loudly for US and yelling "DOPING" when someone from a different country won, because in reality the bar cleared out once we sat down.  Granger smells. 

Saturday morning, mom and I picked up our race bibs, we drove around the race path and popped into some shops along main street.  We were on our way out when we drove past GRANDMA'S COOKIES.  Her cookies are the  Seriously, they're amazing!!  They're like... fluffy.  We got a dozen for $6, and I ate 7/12, tomorrow will be 8/12 and then they'll be gone.  Glad I could share.  Saturday, night I spent time with my BFF and her boo in Eureka (You have to say it like you found something.. "Eureka!!!") celebrating a mutual friend's birthday.  A storm came through, and we all got texts from our parents warning us.  Warmington's response, "I survived Katrina, I can survive this."  Well, we stayed right where we were for another hour, and obviously survived.  Listen kids: stay in school, and your parents are ALWAYS right.

Sunday, mom and I were up early for Race day.  It was a decent morning, but it wasn't by any means "cool", still hot.  Could have been a lot worse for sure.  After the race, we joined the Warmington ladies for mani/pedi.  That was fabulous!  For dinner, we were back bothering the Warmingtons at Katie's Birthday BBQ.  Her birthday isn't till the 17th, she's one of those annoying birthday month kinds.  Just kidding, but seriously.

Mom finishing!

My LUCKY number.


You're welcome.

My OLDest friend.

Happy Monday!

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