Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Thursday: rest
Friday: 3 mi, slow, like 35 mins
Saturday: Color Run (5K) and 5 extra grueling miles, I walked mostly.
Sunday: Stretch/strength rest
Monday: 4 mi, 39:49
Today: 10:25 soccer game, might get in an extra 40 min tempo run, maybe.

Hey gang.

Over the weekend was The Color Run! It was super fun, and people were obsessed with us after. Like on Sunday, we got, "OMG! You did The Color Run! Was it awesome?!" Um, hi, who are you? I finally got the pink off my chest, and I wonder if Mom's seat belt is clean yet?? Sorry, mom.

The run was fun, there is no timer, so no need to break any world records.  For the most part nothing stained, except that pink on my skin, but that was a pretty direct shot, so I'm letting it slide.  See that green on my left shoulder?  That got all over the seat belt, and came off on mom's shirt the next day. This raised money for Autism, not near and dear to me, but totally legit.  Mom brought wipes and towels and trash bags. The race is pretty expensive, but you get some sweet stuff... sweatbands, tshirt, bandanna.  And they have lots of stuff to buy, sunglasses for $5. I heard 15,000 participants, but I didn't hear the final numbers on money raised, obvi it was a successful event.

I don't really have much else, I guess.

Anybody watch Stars Earn Stripes?  At first I was kind of turned off by the idea of the show, sort of thought it was mocking our troops.  But I watched it, and kind of loved it!  I love Mr. Palin, I said it.  And the whole show every celebrity is very vocal about their appreciation for the troops.  It's cool.  I dig it. Let's see how Capt. Konze feels.

Jdub: Do you watch Stars Earn Stripes?
Cap'n: Hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahaha
Cap'n: F$&# no.

Obviously, someone has been out in the woods crushing souls for too long.

Happy Tuesday!  Any Beef?

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