Monday, February 7, 2011

The Day After The Super Bowl

Ok, did your team win? That's great. Did you watch Glee? I did. It was.. alright. I'm psyched for Tuesday's Valentine's Day episode, though!

So, did you guys know Busta had a casting call for Wipeout? I just dropped a bomb on her and said, "Surprise! Email me so I can guest blog you." She hasn't yet.. I don't know if it was a weekend thing, or what? But I'm sure she'll be fillin' us in REAL quick. She probably got to meet Usher or something, and then he would have most likely fallen in love with her and taken her to the Super Bowl in between Wipeout workouts. They're probably in Vegas gettin' hitched as we speak.

Anyway, did anyone watch the Waste Management Phoenix Open? Waste Management.. hahaha

I didn't watch either. I'll give you two guesses why.. that's right.. 1. No Tiger and 2. "Whoever those guys are" filled the Top 5 going into the Final Round.. BUT (I just looked it up), Mark Wilson was the big winner!! That's right, my direct blood relative. Just kidding, we just happen to have the same (pretty common) last name.

Anyway, I'm going to try to blog every day this week.

Happy Monday!

PS Try this.

Mom's own special Munchies.. otherwise known as Punchies.. P for Peg (Consider that Copywrited Copywritten)

Regular crunchy Cheetos
Pretzels (probably any form, we used Goldfish)
Cheddar Goldfish
Chili Cheese Frito's

Mix up and eat. Yum!

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