Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Birthday Was Yesterday!

I bet you guys and gals thought I was done with this birthday stuff. WRONG! I promise it might end soon.

The Royal Wedding Bash was a HUGE HIT! We had a blast! And look for us in Town and Style Magazine. I'm not kidding. Lynn and Steve went to a local talent agency and hired 'actors' to be those guards. Ya know. We tried to make them do something. They didn't. They're good. Inside the door was a herald! He opened the door and said, "What's your name?" (In perf English accent) Mom said, "Lady Peggy of Chesterfield, and Lord Buddy" hehehe and then the herald would announce us! (DUH) I was Princess Jessica and Wes was Duke Duffy. Go 'head. Say it. WE. ARE. AWESOME! And there was a band! When was the last time you were at a house party with a band? Exactly.

Me, Mom, Suzy and Lynn

For my BIRTHDAY, Mom took me to get a mani/pedi! Then, for lunch, she made us all fried egg sandwiches! And not the healthy kind BECAUSE IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY. We had cake, opened presents and then I got ready for the evening's festivities! Wes, Monkey and I went to the Sports Attic in Brentwood (It's amazing, you gotta go!). Julie and her bf, Adam, Lauren, Ryan, Cyrus, Jamie, Lucy and Tim all joined us! We had a BA-LAST! Julie and I karaoke-ed TLC's "No Scrubs" after a failed attempt at MMMBOP. DJ didn't have it. WHO DOESN'T HAVE MMMBOP!? I also got weaseled in to karaoke-ing "Proud Mary" with a local, but I totally rocked it. And then she gave me a shout out because IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! I love her. After Sports Attic, Monkey, Wes and I went to Talayna's (Mike's, not the pizza place) and there we found Warmington! YES! After Mikey T's, Monkey, Wes and I killed a grilled cheese NO PICKLE at Steak n' Shake. And by "killed", I mean, I could only stay awake long enough to eat half. But it was so amazing!!

Get your cake from MacArthur's or eat a crappy one.

When I say "Monkey", I'm talkin' 'bout this hot mama!

Me and Julie, typical middle school slow dance. DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT!

HB Crew: Lucy, Ryan (not really our waiter), Tim, Jamie

Julie, her adorbs bf, Adam and moi. No Scrubs.

Locals, Adam and me. Proud Mary.

Lauren and me. I LOVE THIS PIC.

Obvi, we're dancing.

Jules and Adam

Thank you to my family and friends for making the big 2-6 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhmazing!! I got so many amazing wishes and gifts! Which I'm sure I'll be blabbing about tomorrow.


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