Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wedding Shower?

How come no one has asked me about my weekend!

Iowa was fabulous! As expected! Mom and I stayed with Mary Alice and Tom (and family). Mary Alice and Mom are BFFs and first cousins. Mary Alice's Mom, is my Grandma Toodle's sister, got it? Anyway, first of all, Mary's house is completely gorgeous! I love houses, and the architecture and stuff. I guess I appreciate it more, now. I shoulda been an architect. Dang it. Anyway, her house is awesome! So, we arrived Thursday night around 10:30, who knows what time we went to bed. Friday morning, we were able to sneak in a breakfast with my Uncle Terry (one of Mom's bros) and Aunt Romy. Then, Mom, Mary and I went shopping? No.. that can't be right.. yes, people! SHOPPING! We stopped at Banana Republic where we found some lovelies and then headed to Palmer's Deli (MARRY ME?) for lunch with the bride-to-be (my cousin, Emily). After Palmer's, Mary, Mom and I headed back out for some groceries. Stopping at Aunt Corrine's first! Aunt Corrine, is actually my Great Aunt. Again, one of my Grandma's sisters. I just want to throw this out there.. the last words my gorgeous, almost 87 year old Great Aunt said to us were, "Don't flash anyone!" Obviously, she rocks. And if she rocks, it's pretty safe to assume her offspring and kin rock.

Anyway. After all our errands were done, we went back to Mary's to continue prepping for Emily's shower. We cooked, ate, ate and cooked. We gathered all the materials for the shower games, and began to organize the buffet table and party rooms. My Aunt Debi and cousin Sophie (Emily's mom and sister, also MOH) arrived 10:30 ish Friday evening. Again, who knows what time we went to bed.

Saturday morning we continued prepping and eating and cooking for the shower. Then, we cleaned up (the kitchen and ourselves) and got ready for the guests! The shower went off without a hitch! Emily got so many wonderful things! I know more than one person tried to steal more than one gift.. Mom, Mary and I grabbed gifts as Emily's pile grew.. Emily may not even know what she's missing, if she's missing something. Just kidding, but seriously.

The rest of Saturday, post shower, was spent chatting and eating and eating a lot more. I gained 4 pounds over the weekend. I prefer to measure the success of my weekends in pounds. And 4 is right up there with 15!! #Winning.

Sunday, we were all up and on our way by 10 am. It's always sad to leave Iowa, which I guess is a good thing? Because then you at least know you want to come back! HA

The wedding is in 57 days! All I need is my dress.

This is all you get. The food table!
Happy Thursday!

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