Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Follower!

I have a new follower! I just noticed!! She's been following me for 4 days! WOW! Although, I'm confident she's been reading since I told her to in like 2010.

Ladies and Gents..

Katelin Jo Warmington.. you may recognize her from here, or here.

Katie is my very bestest friend. Ever since latchkey at Green Trails Elementary. She is my smartest friend. She has like 4 bachelor degrees and is a nurse. So if you get hurt, call Katie. She will save you. She has a dog named Wally. He is big and black. And he really likes me. Her parents still live 1.5 miles from my parents, but she lives in Brentwood, near the Galleria. She moved close to the mall for me. At the end of the year she plans to move to Colorado. She's been planning to move to CO since said latchkey at Green Trails Elementary. I'm lucky I've kept her here so long! I don't remember having very many classes together. Which was probably done on purpose by our schools. We did, however, go to 6th Grade Camp together.. we shoved Apple Jax up each others' noses and in each others' ears on the two hour bus ride home. I'm pretty sure everyone else was sleeping, which is probably why Mrs. Weiss was so mad at us. Then, there was this time she tried to kill me. Seriously. She forced me to go to the University of Florida soccer camp. At least we were on the same team. The same TERRIBLE team. We had to run a lot. Again, I blame Katie. But then she made up for it by forcing me to go to University of Georgia soccer camp. It is there, we met Shades, and didn't have to run as much. I will always be grateful to Katie for bringing Shades and me together. What's that? Who is Shades? I will fill you in... Shades (I do not remember her real name) was on our 'team' at UGA soccer camp. We were going through introductions, of course there were probably two Katie's and probably two Lindsay's, so when it came to Shades, she said, "My name is [insert normal name here]. But you can call me 'Shades.'" Did you wet yourself? Who does that! She wore sunglasses to play goalkeeper (which is where "Shades" comes from, in case I lost you..) Newsflash: You can't wear sunglasses on the soccer field. I dunno what crazy coach of hers let this go on for so long.

Anyway, Katie and I went to separate colleges, neither University of Florida nor University of Georgia, haha. And whenever we'd call or come home for a holiday, it's like we never missed a beat. I remember seeing her in Memphis for a spring soccer tournament. Murray State (me) was playing Southern Mississippi (Katie), we may or may not have been texting from opposite sides of the field, but it was like a movie.. we looked up, saw each other, and ran towards each other, arms wide open. Sweet, huh? We both played defense, so we rarely had to play against against each other.. which is even better. I would have knocked her down and she would have kicked me in the Achilles. Speaking of knocking people down, we have a video from high school soccer. In the very bottom right corner of the screen there are these two blondes boppin' around near some other chick, who may or may not have had the ball. Regardless, next thing you see is something like a human sandwich, and then those two said blondes hi-fiving each other and walking away from the now, very still human being on the ground. Relax, ol' girl was fine... I think.

So, here we are today. In the "Real World." Going on 21 years of best friendship. Who else can say that? My little blond bombshell, virtually a whole year older than me, and still getting carded. Your mom will tell you, "You'll really enjoy that someday!" I love my sweet warm piece of pie, even though sometimes I call her a pirate hooker. It's just another word for 'love bug.'

P.S. to any guy that thinks you're worthy. You break her heart, I will break your face. And your car windows.

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