Thursday, July 26, 2012

Check it.

Workout: 3 mi 27:38 (I think?)

Check out my girls in London!  Obviously, I would be a HUGE asset to their (scramble) team.

Tomorrow is opening ceremonies!  So excited!  USWNT beat France 4-2 yesterday, and I'm having difficulties finding highlights, but I guess it lead me to that little beaut (above).. USWNT plays Colombia today.  It's recording at the Mother ship.  USA!  USA!  I'm inspired to watch Mighty Ducks, D2 of course.  This is my favorite part.. "HEY TEAM USA.. WHAT'RE YOU GONNA DO TODAY? A MILLION JUMPN JACKS!" Russ Tyler.. so funny.  

I also found some newbies to follow during the Olympics.. @AndyThorntonNBC and @NBCOlympics @MichaelPhelps (I'm sure I'm late on that one..) @J_Horton11.. That Andy Thornton character is supposed to be live tweeting women's gymnastics.. I haven't seen anything yet. Oh, this just in: Follow @AAinsworthNBC for women's gymnastics.. My bad.  ANYWAY, go USA!

Happy Thursday.

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