Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Workouts YOU missed...
Friday: 3 mi, don't remember time, but I'm confident it was awesome!
Saturday:  Rest at the pool with Granger and the Duggars.. seriously.
Sunday:  5K Race, finished 5th in my age group! WOO! 29:41
Monday: 3.5 mi, 34 ish mins, my treadmill quit (I accidentally hit the button at 1.88 mi) on me mid run.
Tuesday:  Rest!

How about these Olympics!!!!  USA!  USA!  SPOILER ALERT. Women's USA Gym wins team GOLD!  Hello!!  Those little muscle-y cuties!

How perfect is this picture? GABBY GET OVER HERE!
But here's my beef.  Freaking HOPE SOLO.  WTF is her problem! I'm referring to this article...


For reals though, Hope Solo will never be a Brandi Chastain... and I'm not talking about soccer... I'm talking leadership, class, and character.  Unfortunately, I think this is Hope's personality.  This is what she does, she just verbally craps on whoever she wants because it's all about her.  I mean, look at the drama from 2007, she obvi didn't learn from THAT nor did she learn anything from DWTS!  STOP TALKING!

AND, super adorable Chinese swimmer accused of doping... just because she beat the boys!  Here's the article...


Moving on...

The Duggars were at the pool on Saturday.

See them in their little train. Jim Bob, Jedidiah, Jude, Jerry, JoJo (No signs of K-Ci), Jeffrey, Jamie, Jill, Julie, Jlizabeth

What else? What's your beef?

Happy Tuesday.

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