Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It's What's Your Beef Tuesday! Which I think I've done before on Thursday.. buuuuuut we should all know by now I'm not much of a stickler for the rules.. actually I am. But not on my blog, because there are no rules. So chaos is a go! And I don't have anything to really beef about specifically..

It's Day 6 of Hero Run training.. last night (Day 5) I ran 3 mi in 28:something.. After Saturday's hellacious 5 miles and Sunday's very sore and stiff stretch/strength rest day, I was dreading last night's run. But it turned out to feel a lot better than I was expecting.. I tried to run hard(er) and was pleasantly surprised with the results.. not just my time, but how my legs felt.. I mean after 3 and half ish months off from regular running (I still play soccer every week) seems like I've already got some distance back in these stems. Whatever, I'm bored..

Found a new app to get.. it's FREE! It's called justWink and it's a greeting card app. I recommend it. It's very cute! You can send your greeting card in a text, email or put it on your bff's facebook wall (which is the option I chose, obvi).. oober bummed I can't tweet that cuteness, but I'm sure I'll receive a notice for an update, soon! justWink.. if you're reading.. it's all about Twitter (and me!). Here is how it looks.. I get a notification that my bff posted to my wall.. I click on it and get my greeting card, I swipe the card open and get a sweet little notey from my girl.

Do you watch Love In The Wild? Jenny McCarthy is the host(ess?).. it is AMAZING!!! I love it! So silly and fun, plus she's a riot. Tonight is the finale. So nervous!

What else is happening? How bout this James Holmes character.. what devastation! I think our local theatres should do something.. like money from all tickets bought on Saturday go directly to our peeps in Aurora affected by this idiot.

That's it, I guess.. Today is an off day.. Maybe I'll go see Batman.. as long as it doesn't run into Love In The Wild finale.

Happy Tuesday! WYB?

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