Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, lovebugs!

If you're single and wearing black today, or dubbing this "Singles Awareness day," GROW UP! GET OVER YOURSELF! Valentine's Day is about being loved, and loving others. Not being in love. Wah.

Valentine's Day is my favorite "less major" (Christmas!) holiday, my parents have always made it special for me! No boyfriend necessary, people! All through college, Dad sent flowers "from your Secret Admirer" and mom always made/makes everything pink and red and purple! I love it! I always got/get great gifts from my parents! I'm not just talking candy people.. necklaces, sweaters, shoes! One year I got a new pair of soccer shoes.. SILVER soccer shoes.. I can wear silver cleats, because I am that good! Right up there with Ronaldo (the 5 years ago Ronaldo) Pele. Did you see what I did there? I skipped all the greatest female soccer players and went straight for the best. I'm not scurred.

Anyway, Valentine's Day. Who wants to be mine? Wes and I are meeting at FroYo after work for a little dessert.. we both have to work till midnight, so there's no time! There's never any time! There's no time to study.. Bahhh I love Saved By The Bell!!!!!!!!!!! Then we'll be celebrating for reals this Saturday with a fancy schmancy dinner and SLU basketball.

I spent the weekend kicking Cancers' ass. 'Scuse my french. Friday night, we attended a Pancreatic Cancer benefit, raising over $11,000 for PanCan research. And Saturday night, made lap blankets for the patients at the Carbondale, IL Breast Center and raised $600 for Breast Cancer. Take that, Cancer.
MSU girls at PanCan event

Niece Jada in her Valentine's duds. 3 mos and 4 days old!

My balloon from Mom :)

I love you. I don't love your poor display of finalroundgolf in Dubai.

Do you have any Valentine's Day plans?? Put 'em in the comments.. and keep it "G" people, this is a family website.

Happy Monday, Cupcakes!    

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