Thursday, February 17, 2011

There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn)

I asked Mary to give me a topic to blog about.. and she said..

Hmmm…the weather change and seasons changing! Lame but easy… just like the kind of girls Tommy likes..

Oh Mary, you are silly. Tommy is Mary's brother. We love him. As we do all of the Rybicki clan. Is it weird that I use full names on the www? Here, let me just give you their addresses and phone numbers.. NOT.

Anyhooters, so ya wanna hear about weather, do ya!? First of all, I find it extremely intriguing that after it being single digits for a week, it warmed up to low 30s, the sun came out, and I was all like, "WHOA. Where are my shorts!" I suppose that's the whole point of getting acclimated.. whatever, it's still weird. So, Sunday it got up to 67.. I feel like I already said that somewhere? Perhaps, I was actually talking to someone.. Today, it's 100, not.. Today it's actually low 70s, according to it's 73, what! I know! And windy.. don't forget windy. BUT, in true midwest weather fashion, that will all change by next week. Hello 38 on Tuesday. It's cool, I'm sure we'll get plenty of 110 degree days, plus an extra 400 degrees from humidity.. come June, July, and August.

I hope if you're getting fabulosa weather this week, you're not stuck inside!

Happy Thursday!

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