Friday, February 25, 2011

I know Babe Ruth. On the Reals.

You wanna know something awesome?? Knew it.

Grandpa W was in the FBI. Are you nervous?

Dad shared some sweet info about Grandpa W at lunch today. I like to pick Dad's brain about Gramps. My Dad's dad passed when my Dad was five years old. So most of what Dad tells me, isn't what Dad remembers. It's what Grandma W told him, which is totally cool. Because it's like stories being passed down, right? Right!

So today, Dad tells me something about Iran. About how there is an upper class and a lower class. I said, "Dad, what would you be?" he said, "Lower class.. hehehahha" we giggled. Then he said, "Considering my Dad was a lawyer, my Grandfather was a business owner and both had college degrees, I would most likely be upper class." Cha-ching! We hi-fived. So, then I started playing 20 QUESTIONS with Dad.. tehe.. So, Grandpa W went to the University of Iowa, got his JD. Because he's awesome. Then, served in the FBI, I guess I missed the details how that happened.. Anyway, Grandma W and Grandpa W moved to New York (Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do.. I love Jay-Z..). Dad says he remembers Grandma telling him, "there were bugs in the apartment and I cried." I would too, Gramgram! So, Grampy W served most or all of his FBI time in New York.. My Uncle and Dad were both born in NY (baby brother was born in Iowa), which I find to be totally cool! Grandpapola was involved in the capture of Judith Coplon (to which my Father said, "Google her." So, I did). She was a Russian Spy! A what? A RUSSIAN SPY! How cool am I? MY Grandpa was involved in the capture of a Russian Spy. You're welcome, America. My dad said, "He (Grandpa W) was standing outside his car, with a flat tire, when Judy drove by.." Why hasn't anyone made a movie out of this??

My dad also told me.. after being transferred to Iowa, my Grandpa was always trying to catch Babe Bisignano. A restaurant dean and a Des Moines legend! Dad said money was always being stolen? via business owners. So, like I would sell 3 pizzas for $20 total. And then my gang would go out and take care of some biznazz and bring back $4,000,000.. and then I could just cover that $4,000,000 in my sales. So as far as you know, I made $4,000,020 in restaurant sales. Tricky tricksters.

So, back in Iowa.. Grampy had Leukemia, and was on a flight with Gramgram to Rochester, MN. They were headed to the Mayo Clinic. Grandpa suffered a brain hemorrhage in flight, the plane was reverted back to Des Moines, IA. Grampy didn't make it.

But you know what does make it? Grampy's legacy.

But wait! That's not all! We have letters signed by J. Edgar Hoover, First Director and Director of the FBI for a very long time. AND, some lady.. Ruth. Baby Ruth.. (All: BABE RUTH!) (Sandlot, anyone?) That's right, The Great Bambino a.k.a The Sultan of Swat walked by my Dad as a tot in his baby carriage! Which basically means, I know.. well, knew Babe Ruth.

I don't have any pics of Grandpa (here), but here is the Albany FBI branch!

Have a good weekend. Stay outta trouble.

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