Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hehehehehheheheee Wipe Ooooouut!!!!

Ok, Happy Guest Blog Thursday that I moved to Tuesday because this can't wait!!

Busta emailed me her WIPEOUT experience yesterday afternoon. Here we gooooooooooo.. (Anyone remember Animal from the Muppets?? He played the beginning drum part.. yeah, I knew you would!)

Sorry it took me so long to respond!

It did kind of take awhile..

This weekend was amazing!! It was 75 degrees and sunny so it was difficult keeping my clothes on. Just kidding...kind of.


The casting call was Saturday morning from 11 to 3, but they suggested an early arrival due to the number of potentials. I got there at 6am. When I say there, I am speaking of the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney. I was #14 in a line of about 1500 so I got in rather quick. They took us in groups of 10 so if you do the math, that would put me in group #2. :)

They made our group of 10 form a semi circle with one of the casting crew in front of us. They asked us to state our Name, Age, Hometown, Job, and what we would do with the 50k if we won. The few that went before me gave ok answers, but they were just not that creative when it came to the 50k. I had to think outside the box and quick. So, I answered....

Name: Sarah Buss
Age: 27
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Job: Couch Model
50K: I would get a boob job.


Immediately they loved me (Duh!!). The gentleman next to me looked at my bust and said "Whaaaaat?" and then high-fived me on the boob job. After the others gave their responses, the casting director asked us to step forward if our number was called. She called #14 (ME!) and another girl (Skank!). We stepped forward and she told the rest of the group "Thanks for coming out!". We had NO idea that was the first step to the casting call test!

Another crew member took us to another room where we filled out some paperwork. As we filled out the paperwork, there was a film crew from ABC filming a "Behind the Scenes: Getting On Wipeout" documentary or episode or something and was asking us all kinds of questions. This crew followed us everywhere.  Once we were done with this paperwork, another crew member coached us in answering the next set of questions explaining that there was a right and wrong way to answer.

I'm nervous!

I then met with another casting director in a green room. This room consisted of two cameras, the director and lights in my face. I was nervous to say the least. He asked me questions for about 5 minutes and I had to come up with witty responses on the spot. It was tough, but I think I did a pretty good job. A few of the questions....

Q: Do you have any special talents?
A: I can put both of my feet behind my head.
Q: Can you prove it?
A: Duh. (I sat on the ground and gave it a solid attempt, but just couldn't pull it off. My failure to do so made it even funnier and he had a good laugh at my expense.)
Q: What would your victory dance look like if you won the $50,000?
A: (I dropped to the ground, laid on my side and began running in circles.)

If you know Buss, you know the "Victory Dance".. it's actually more of her signature move.. Victory or no victory..

He told me that I did an amazing job and sent me out to fill out the final paperwork (All 30 pages worth). Once I completed this, the casting director told me that I rocked it and said she would let me know within 90 days. I felt really good about it. When I walked out of my 5 minute interview, there were people everywhere in the bar that had already been cut and they were high-fiving me and cheering on "Nebraska", which is what they kept calling me.

It was a great opportunity and I am so thankful to have had the chance. Call back or not, I am happy I did it! 

Way to go, NEBRASKA! We are so proud of you!

As for you ABC, we'll talk to you in May.

Happy Tuesday!

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