Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh. Em. Gee.

Did I already give a post this title? Who cares.

So I think Wednesdays should be OMG Wednesdays. Just like Guest Blog Thursday, except for a couple of Tuesdays and a couple of Fridays.. While most OMGWs will be probably making fun of others, there will be the occasional awesome OMGs or excited OMGs, like good things that happen to me, or my homies. 
Ok, so today, on this first OMGW EVER.. Look at this picture of Destiny Hope Smiley Miley Hannah Montana Cyrus, whatever her name is..
via Outfit Identifier
What in the world is wrong with her face? And that orange fluffy thing looks like my cat's tail (I know it's not, because he's gray). I wonder what tribe she descends from.. and if that tribe uses iPhones?

And look at Kimmy..
via Bloglovin

I totally dig Kourt's outfit.. very 70s and 70s is NOW. But Kim? HONESTLY.. her pants are freakin' DIRTY!!!!

Happy Wednesday, Party People. Don't dress like Miley or Kim this weekend.

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