Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Monday, So Good To Me...

The Mamas And The Papas!!

This weekend was super dee duper.. how 'bout those Masters?? What a fun finish to watch, right? Fellow (Just kidding..) South African, Charl Schwartzel left with the green jacket, winning by two strokes.
How presh is this pic of the 2011 CHAMP!
But more importantly, my boo, Tiger Woods, finished in a very respectable T4! Hey Babe!!

Yeah, that's right.


Tim and Stef are engaged! WOO!

Work that angle!
And it was another successfull 2011 Go! St. Louis Marathon Weekend. Well, for Mom and I, anyway. We ran the 5K! HA! Marathoners who weren't halfway by 9am, were forced to run the half, because of the heat. (Perhaps they should have been running the half anyway??) Que bummer.

I guess that's it.

OH! OH! Lots of birthdays in April.
I'd like to wish a very happy day to Sarah Busta (Buss) and THE Donald (Jupp)!

Happy Monday!

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