Wednesday, April 20, 2011


OMG! Remember how we were taught to put two spaces after every sentence.  And then our computers started doing that or not doing that for us. Well, guess what. Computers don't do it for us!  I definitely forgot that was proper sentence structure-ing, so now I'm trying to etch it back into muscle memory.

And, OMG!  I just (in a text to Capt. Tim) used the word "sprinkle" and not associated with cupcakes.  I've never done that before.  Well, not in a long, long time.  I like the word "sprinkle."  I think I'm going to use it more.

Ok. This is actually my real OMG! for OMGW!  How 'bout this Midwest weather!!  Holla if you hear me! (I said/typed that yesterday.  Totally loved doing it, too.)  I'm sure everyone in the universe saw the radar and heard the ridonkulousness via their local news.  Storms are like Haunted Houses.  People get so worked up before anything happens, they end up scaring themselves.  Which is either pretty amazing or completely absurd.  Now, for those that are actually afraid of storms, I'm not talking to you...

So, here's the thing.  Tornadoes suck.  I don't know personally, but I have seen Night of the Twisters.  Sup, Devon Sawa.  And I know they cause serious damage and blah blah blee blah blee bo.  I'm not downplaying tornadoes and their seriousness.  But sometimes it's just a freakin' t storm (like last night, in our area).  Enjoy the perfect cookie making weather.  I heard on the radio, that if you were at Macy's at West County mall last night, you were forced to go into the basement and then pushed into a super special tornado protecting corner.  I was 4 miles from the mall, at Vetta, playing an indoor soccer game (And scoring 4 goals, and winning 15-1.. By. The. Way.) in a tin building.  We heard the sirens.  That's another thing.  Just because you hear a siren, doesn't mean there is a tornado.  Well, I guess, sort of, it does.  It means tornado activity has been identified.  Which is the same as a tornado warning.  So, if there is a tornado warning, and no siren.  What do you do?  You probably don't get pushed into a corner of Macy's basement.  But, because of all the "there's gonna be a badass tornado on top of your house" hype, people went nutso.  Now, if there was a badass tornado on top of your house, email me, I'll come help you clean it up.   Because that means you read my blog.

Putting two spaces after every sentence is hard.

Cutest tornadoes ever!
Happy Wednesday!

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