Monday, April 25, 2011

My Birthday is April 30. That's in 5 Days, Don't Forget.

5 days! WOO!
Are you one of those people that lists your birthday has your favorite holiday?  I'm not.  Because guess what, your birthday is not a holiday.  HOWEVER, I will tell you it's my birthday.  I will expect wishes and probably presents from you, and I will celebrate for more than 1 day.  Something else I do?  I always stay up till midnight on the 29th, which is actually the 30th.  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  My mom plays the Happy Birthday Jessica song for me.  You may have it, too.  Except it says your name.  And it's from Zoom.  And he lives on the moon.  And he came down to Earth just to sing me this tune.  Because Jessica, it's your birthday.  Like that.  And it's on a cassette.  It's really the only reason we still have a cassette player.  For ME!  And MY BIRTHDAY!

I'm gonna be 26. Which means I've been driving for 10 years. Basically makes me an expert.

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