Thursday, April 28, 2011

2 Days Till My Birthday!

Tomorrow is the Royal Wedding!! At like 3am CST, right? I was gonna blog about it tomorrow but it will have already happened! My friend TReedy13 used her Facebook status to declare hatred for the event. I told her she was just jealous that she wasn't becoming a real live princess.. But I kind of agree with T, what is the big deal? I mean, compare it to something that would affect me, so I know what kind of deal this really is for my friends in Great Britain. Besides a good excuse to wear your prom dress again to Lynn and Steve's Royal Wedding party, happenin' TOMORROW. I'm psyched!

Remember the last party at Lynn and Steve's? No? Because I didn't have pictures. I know. But this time I WILL. How can I not take pics of me in my prom dress.. again. Anywho, I'm also wearing a hat. Because hats make you British. WAIT.  UNTIL.  YOU.  SEE.  US.

Spirits at 7.
Feast at 8.
Reception to follow until Midnight and MY BIRTHDAY! I told Lynn I would expect fireworks. I'm confident she's already got those planned.
AND. Per usual (what does that even mean?). Carriage parking!! For mom's shoes, of course.

I looked 'per usual' up. I used it correctly.. it's a relic (something preserved..) from older English . PERF!
Somebody hi-five me for being incredibly smart.

Because you haven't seen enough of these two..

Happy Thursday!

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