Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Text me!

Check out this text convo I had with my mom. I will include time stamps.

Mom (4:52pm): Oh boy trouble in river city packing up now
Jess (4:57pm): What happened? At the casino?
Mom (4:59pm): Casino?
Jess (5:01pm): River City Casino?
Mom (5:02): No clue.

Out loud, I was like, "But you said River City!" Haha

When mom got home from work we got this all cleared up!  Apparently, "Trouble in River City" is from a movie.  A movie I've obviously never seen.  One might argue, "But how would your mom know what happened at the casino? She doesn't work there." True.  But she has the KSDK app.  It would tell her.  And, there is often confusion (on my end.. speaking for myself here!), when it has been awhile between texts.  I get texts a lot where I'm like, "What in the solar system is Gidget talking about!"  And then I just re read and realize, oh yeah.  But that wasn't happening here either.  It was a classic case of "JEssica doesn't get the movie quote." Happens with me a lot. Unless it's "Mighty Ducks," "Little Giants," or "Rookie of the Year." I can't even decipher between "Hangover," "Old School," and "Anchorman" anymore.  

My mom is funny.

I'm getting a soda.

This picture of Heidi always makes me laugh.

Happy Tuesday, again!

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