Monday, August 22, 2011

Training Day


First, and foremost. Something you've all been waiting for.. the picture of me on the HOG!

Marvin probably wants to pop me in the chin with his shoulder. I'm practically sitting on him. See all that space between me and those bags (I don't know what they are really called). I should be sitting back there. Sorry Marv.  Mid-ride, I definitely relaxed A LOT, and scooted back, and was able to hold on to the handles that are like right under my hammy. Thank goodness, Marvin was probably turning blue from my death grip, which would have been bad for all of us.  Another thing, you're not supposed to wear flip flops if you're riding a motorcycle.. unfortunately I forgot to pack my riding gear. Also, I think longer shorts/pants are more appropriate. Again, didn't pack those. And the shorts you see, are in fact, ripped. I think it just made my HOG riding experience that much more exhilarating.. I'm riding a dangerous vehicle in dangerous clothing!! Talk about really living!

Also, in the news.. Today is day 2 of half marathon training. Yesterday was a strength and stretch day.. Today was the first day of running. Mom ran with me. And we ran at 5:30 am. With a flashing red light attached to my waist. Sorry if you thought I was the cops. Anyway, rarely do I make it through a morning run without having to use mother nature as my private bathroom. And today, I did! YEAH ME!

I'm running the Solider Half Marathon (13.1 miles!) on Nov. 12, in Columbus, GA. Any money I raise goes directly to "The 1LT Robert Wilson Collins Patriot Spirit Scholarship" fund. Robert was killed near Mosul, Iraq in 2010, he was 24. Keeping American troops safe and scholarships are two things I care deeply about. I'm so tickled pink to be a part of this!

If you'd like to sponsor my run, by pledging a certain dollar amount per miles completed (i.e. $1/mile) or by donating. Email me at and I'll give you the necessary info. I encourage you to write the check to me, so I can present one big check to Robert's parents. But if you're more comfortable sending your check to the bank, I get it.

Below is the flyer we're using to fund raise. It has more deets, too.

For the record, you can't say "HOG" without putting some type of grumble rumble behind it. Therefore, I will continue to use CAPS when spelling "HOG". I know one of you was going to ask me. Or think "HOG" stood for something.. like Hilarious Outstanding Generous.. wrong, it stands for sweet motorcycle.

Happy Monday!

Cards game tonight with my sugarsnapsweetpea.

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