Thursday, August 18, 2011

You're Grossing Me Out.


Ok, so a few things people do. It's disgusting. So, stop.

1.  Those things people put in their earring holes, or wherever else. Gauges? Make me vomit.
I can handle if it's part of your emo/punk/alternative style.. whatever..
and if they're like the size of a penny or smaller (and if your tribe does it in Zimbabwe).

Like this..

But anything bigger than that. No thank you.
My mom and I were at the mall once, and the guy at the cash register had gauges in his ears.
 Like, the size of freakin' silver dollars. Seriously? Necessary for what reason?
We had items in our pretty little hands, and opted to leave them in the store.
He was grossing us out.
Seriously, what's the point of these?
And my friend had them once, she told me they stunk, like literally smelled bad.

2.  I don't know what causes this.. really long nails and really dry skin?
Ahhhh, I can barely talk type about it.
I hate hearing you scratch your skin. And in turn, I will not scratch your skin.
You want me to scratch your back? Sure thing.
But make sure there is a cotton barrier between my nails and your skin.
The worst is when it's your head. Holy moly. I'm gonna vomit.
And, when I scratch my arm, I don't make that noise.
So, what makes that noise?
Get some moisturizer. For sobbing out loud ("Bring It On!" anybody?)

3. Fake hair in general..  Hair pieces, extensions, wigs. All of it.
They're all disgusting.
I know some people need them for medical reasons. And God bless you.
But they still gross me out.
Especially the fake hair scrunchies. First of all, scrunchies aren't cool anymore.
And ones made out of fake hair.. super vom.
They aren't even cute on kids.

Happy Thursday. Clean up your act.


  1. 4. Girls that bitch about other people

  2. Oh, you're talking about me. I get it. I'm "grossing you out," but you're reading my blog. Yep, totally get it.

  3. You're talking about me JDub. Sorry for expressing myself in a complete and utter grossness. How about you consider that we don't bitch about your bitching... thanks:)

    1. I'm talking to you, not about you. And I want to apologize... I didn't realize you were expressing yourself, thought you were bitching. My mistake.

  4. Saliva grosses me out especially when people have it on the corners of their mouth and it just sits there.

  5. Well, people have their own style.

    got it? :)