Friday, August 26, 2011

F****** Friday!

That's right.  I said it.

You'd think, in my world, it was Friday the 13th.  It's just been that kind of day.  First of all, people are crazy.  And no, it can't possibly just be me.

Second, I just went to the bathroom... stay with me, and while smoothing out my totes adorbs chambray button down (or is it button up? Or does it matter?) under my double totes adorbs animal print skirt I noticed this...

I immediately thought I pooped on myself.  TMI?  Don't care.  This is funny.  On what planet does someone think they pooped on themselves, before the much more appropriate... chocolate?  Planet Earth, is the answer.  Because it just happened to me!  Immediately, I got hot.. and my armpits started sweating.  Then, I got up the nerve to touch it.  And it's not poop or chocolate.  It's part of my skirt!  See...

Double totes adorbs right?

Then, I came back to my desk, and SMOKED my knee on the corner of one of my filing cabinet drawers.  Yes, mom, the drawer was pushed all the way in.  After exclaiming, "OWWWWWWWWWW!" and "I'm gonna bleed. I'm gonna bleed."  I realized, "Actually, I don't think I'm gonna bleed.  This is the numb part of my knee."  Crazy, huh?  I'm thinking that means no circulation?  So, no blood flow.  Sounds kind of weird.  But you're lookin at it.  After surgery, almost 9 years ago, the outside (lateral side) of my knee is still numb.  See...

I guarantee if that would have happened to my right knee, or the medial side of my left knee, there would have been blood... everywhere... which, of course, I would have preferred.  And click on that pic, you'll get a better looksie, that's my skin right there. On my triple totes adorbs mani!!!

Tonight, I'm heading to the horse races, again.  I have a feeling I shouldn't be betting, just based on the way today has gone.  But, that probably won't stop me. C'monnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn number 6!!!!!!!

Happy Friday!  Have a GREAT weekend!

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