Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This is a frustrated OMG Wednesday.

Excuse me while I VENT.  First of all, I studied Exercise Science in college.  And I'm a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  And, I think it's totally flattering and adorable when people come to me for my expert opinion, even if I'm secretly vigorously googling to make sure I'm correct, or to find the correct answer.  I have a great friend who always calls me before seeking medical attention (I pray to God if it's that serious, he'll call 911 before calling Jdub) (I pray to God even more that it never gets that serious).

I'm aware I'm not a doctor, or a nurse, or whatever else you might think reigns higher than me.  But for crying out loud!  I probably know more than you!  I probably know the answer to your medical question!  And a lot of other people probably know the answer to your question, because I bet they've been through it, or their spouse has or friend has!

Today I heard this...

"Did you know you have four pulses?" 

I wish you could see my face.  I said, "No you don't, who told you that?"

"Yes you do, a nurse told me."

WHATTTTTTTTTTT!  I'm gonna give this nurse the benefit of the doubt and say that Ursula misunderstood, big time.  If Urs had 4 pulses, that would mean Urs has 4 hearts, and be borderline bionic.  Which would be totally awesome, but I know for a fact that Ursula is not anywhere close to borderline anything.  Except for being of the female species.

Anyway, I'm pissed because Ursula refused to believe me, that you only have one pulse, because a nurse told her you have four pulses.  And again, you only have one pulse.  And, no.  Ursula didn't mean you can get a pulse from four sites, because it's actually five sites (Carotid, Radial, Femoral, Pedal, Brachial. BAM!) and I asked her that.

For the record.  My very best friend in the whole milky way system is a nurse.  She is the smartest person I know!  And officially a Certified Pediatric Nurse!  HOLLER!! 

Plus, I'm like 99% sure most people know you only have one pulse. You don't have to be a certified anything.

C'mon Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. i am an ex-nurse and i wonder if the person meant puse points even though we have way more than 4