Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Playing Catch-Up, Round 2


Last Wednesday, I worked my full time job, and then had two clients at 5 and 6.  I have a client that consistently forgets I physically cannot be to the clinic until 5:15pm.  I prefer to take my first client at 6, so I can go home, unwind for 12 mins with a DMD, get dressed and leave again.  However, on the rare occasion, I will take a client at 5:30.  But I never suggest 5pm. So, this said forgetful client could only come in last week, on Wednesday at 5pm. Fine.  I told her how I would be there at 5:15pm. And told her to start without me.  She did, thank God.  Anyway, I walk up to the front desk where my direct supervisor sits, a fellow trainer and the "front desk girl." (I'm sorry, I don't know what to call her.. she's more than a receptionist, less than an office administrator)  The front desk girl looks at me and says, "You're late."  EXCUSE ME?  OH NO SHE DI-INT.  First of all, even if I was late, that was rude. Second, I wasn't late (see above).  My direct supervisor is a gem.  And knows what a great person, employee and trainer I am.  He also knows how lucky he is to have me on his staff. TOOT! TOOT! (Tooting my own horn..)  And he also knew exactly what was going on.  In yo' face front desk girl. I did explain myself to the front desk girl later.  And asked her to please never accuse me of anything so ridonkulous again.  I am an angel.  I only do good things.

Last Thursday, I only worked one job and got to go home and do nothingggggggg.  It was fabulous!

Last Friday, I saw "The Help" with Mom and Diane.  It was awesome.  Go see it.  The book is awesome, too.  Go Read it.

Saturday and Sunday, I played in a golf tournament with my Dad.  We try to play in it every year!  I really enjoy the course, Belk Park Golf Course in Woodriver, IL and the format.  Plus, Mike, the head pro is awesome.  The tournament is officially titled Metro East Amateur Championship.. used to be Metro East Men's Amateur Championship.. but since yours truly plays, Mike dropped the "Men's."  I'm just kidding.. I don't think it's because of me, but it probably is since I'm one of two girls that play, or the only girl there.  Anyway, don't ask me my scores.  I choked.

Yesterday, I worked and then worked again.  I stopped by the grocery for some sprinkles and floss.  What a funny purchase.  Oh, and I got some wheat thins for the 10 min drive home.

Today is Allie's birthday! She's like 100.. just kidding, only 27.  And I'm working and then have an indoor soccer game to dominate, followed by a training sesh with the Duffman.  It's fun whipping him in shape.

Tomorrow, is Warm's birthday! She, too, will be 100.. I mean 27.

Thursday, only one job to work!

Friday, Mom and I head to Dubuque for a nice relaxing, no wedding stuff, girls weekend. Yahoo!

Ok, something else.. I grew up with a lot of other Jessicas. One of my best friends is Jessica. We have the same initials, and pretzels do weird things to us. It's been a while since I've had to be around another Jessica. But I was just introduced to one yesterday. I'll be working with her at Hammer Bodies. Do you ever meet someone with your name and get, "Oh, well I'm THE Jessica." How in the world are you supposed to respond to that work appropriately? I'd like to slap the ho.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. I know what you mean - I work with this lady named Peggy. I started before her, but since everyone already was accustomed to calling me "Peggy" so then we wondered what to call her... turns out everyone just says "Peggy" and we both answer. But, I refer to her as "Mrs. Wilson". :-)

  2. Haha You are funny.. I love that you posted as Anon.. I totally know who you are. Mrs. Wilson only works with one other Peggy that isn't her ;)