Tuesday, August 23, 2011

St. Croix Hook

In May 2010, Wessers and I went to St. Croix.. part of the US Virgin Islands. I totally recommend going. I've never been to St. Thomas or St. John. But I hear St. Croix is just as awesome, but way less commercialized.

Anyway, when we were there, we noticed EVERYONE was wearing very similar bracelets.. Finally we asked. The "island" bracelet is the hook. Formally known as "The St. Croix Hook." Along with the hook we saw, lizards and dolphins, barbells, swirls, diamonds (the shape, not the stones), etc. So, most shops sells these bracelets, and put their own twist on them, like come up with their own patterns. But Big John (our driver for the week, and wearer of a gold hook) told us to go to Sonya's. So, we did! I got a hook, and Wes and I both got a hook for our moms. I got myself a silver bracelet, with a gold wrap. And chose all silver for mom. I put mine on as soon as I got it, and haven't taken it off since! When we got to the St. Croix airport to go home, I beeped when I went through security. The guard told me to unhook my bracelet! So many people must come without these island bracelets and leave with them! St. Croix folklore says, you're supposed to wear the hook bracelet up or down depending on your luck or love. If you're taken, wear the hook up. (Just like the Irish Claddagh ring)
Here is some more information about Sonya and her shop!

Yesterday, while on the metro heading to the Cards game, a guy (probably my age) spotted my hook!! (Actually his girlfriend or girl that's a friend did). We chatted about the island and he said I was his first hook spotting! He was my second. Boom!

Happy Tuesday! I wish it was appropriate to call hook wearers, "Hookers." Hahhahehehehehe

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