Monday, November 21, 2011

Check It Out.

Hi Gang (I'm feeling very 70s today, in my high waisted flare jeans and pink dotted button down).

So, March 1, 2011, my cousin Karri lost her hard fought, strong, and courageous battle against breast cancer (I'm wearing pink!  HEY!).  She was 40 years old.  She was a teacher, married to Scott and they have two wonderfully talented kids.

For Karri's birthday in September, my mom sent each family a (or a couple) winged messenger.  Mom saw the winged messengers on Susanna's Sketchbook.  She contacted Susanna and Susanna sent us a template. 

Within the next couple of months (September, October, November) we worked on hanging our winged messengers around our hometowns in remembrance, celebration and honor of Karri... and to inspire our community to pay it forward.

Mom reported back to Susanna, and today she blogged about us (I feel cool!).

Check it out!

Winged Messengers for Karri

Happy Monday!  Pay it forward!

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