Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hey kids!

OMG!  I cut my hair!  Don't get excited, I didn't do what I illustrated here.  I know, I'm a BIG.  FAT.  LIAR!  I just started braiding my hair one evening, and fish tailing and whatever else, and it dawned on me...  I don't want short hair!  But I cut four inches off last night, that's a fair compromise, right?

Here's Before:

Was actually a little longer, since this pic is from Sept. 5
And After:

Nov. 29
You guys know I'm obsessed with Paula Creamer.
My cut doesn't appear to be an exact replica, which annoys me a little bit.  But maybe it was for the best. And I've already gotten one backward compliment... "You're hair looks cute today!" TODAY? REALLY!?
Happy Wednesday!

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