Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Soldier Marathon. Complete!


We had a GREAT time in Georgia!  We arrived 4am ish EST Friday morning.  I firmly believe it was the best thing anyone could wake up to... Cliff and Tim stayed up a little while longer and kept us company while we blew up the air mattresses.

Friday we golfed at Fort Benning Golf course, it was the most fun round of golf I had played in a while!  I don't think I stopped laughing.  We picked up our packets at the National Infantry Museum and made our way to a local Italian restuarant for some carbo loading.  I wish there was a race for that, I'd win.  I wouldn't win fastest, I'd be the first person stuffed. 

Saturday morning we were up and at 'em by 5:30, I put on my fastest outfit and shoes, and we left Tim's apartment around 6am.  The race started at 7am, and I may have almost missed it.  The other races I've ran, you don't get through the start at 7am.  Because there are 22,000 people racing!  About 1500 raced on Saturday, so yes, I almost missed the start.  Cliff, Tim, Andrew, Chelsea, Stef and Nic ran the half as well.

It was cooooooolddddd.  Nic's iPhone said 27 degrees!  Of course we ran on the coldest day of the weekend, at the coldest time.  Couldn't have planned it better!  I can't say I ever warmed up, it was pleasant in the sunshine, and chilly in the shade.  I remember it being totally awesome.  We ran through Fort Benning, never left the base.  Servicemen and servicewomen lined the whole path, and they cheered for us.  That was the best part.  Soldiers, who fight for me and my country, so I can have a life of freedom and safety... they were cheering for ME.  It was so surreal.  I felt great until somewhere around 11.5 miles.  I think I was getting bored, and obviously I was tired!  But wasn't in too much pain.  Mile 9 felt REALLY long.  I kept looking and looking for 10. 

Servicemen and servicewomen ran out before the runners to take a "post."

And we're off!

Nic is blue glove, I'm black glove.

Mile 1

Cliff at Mile 7

Andrew at Mile 7

Tim at Mile 7

Me at Mile 7

Cliff at Mile 13

Andrew at Mile 13

Tim at Mile 13

Me at Mile 13

The final stretch!

Jess, Andrew, Tim, Chels and Cliff

Stef's final stretch!

The Group, L to R: Jess, Chelsea, Cliff, Tim, Stef, Andrew, Nic
And pictured:  1LT Robert Collins

Running in memory and honor of 1LT Robert Wilson Collins
I finished in 2:14 chip time, 2:16 gun time.  I'm gonna go with chip time.  Who wouldn't?

This is a personal record for me!  It was awesome.  The atmosphere was awesome, the comraderie was awesome, the swag we scored was awesome, my peeps are awesome, and my bf is awesome!  He took all the pics.

After the race Saturday, everyone napped at some point.  And then everyone welcomed said napper back once they woke up.  We watched football, BBQ-ed and ate lots of food.  Wes was the grill master.  Andrew's parents, Cliff's parents and Robert's mom spent the afternoon with us, also.  It was nice to have them there.  Mrs. Collins brought Krispie Kreme.  Andrew and I may have eaten all of them (one for each hand, at least twice!).  They were chocolate glazed.  You guys know how much I love doughnuts!

We raised more than $2300 for the 1LT Robert Wilson Collins Patriot Spirit Scholarship, and better yet, we were able to present the money to Robert's mom that afternoon.  It was a really awesome cause and a real honor to be a part of it all!

Me and Wes

Chelsea's Best. Nap. Ever!
Do you recognize Racer 1? He is the best to nap with!

Tim presenting Robert's mom with the money we raised.
Saturday night we hit the bowling lanes.  Sunday morning, Wes and I slept in, then pretty much got up and got ready to leave.  It was a long trip back home.  But I was in bed by 11pm.  Success!

"I'm running in honor of" tag, Race Number, Medal and Coin
The weekend was a huge success, on all accounts!  'Murrica

Happy Tuesday!

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