Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nerd Alert

For Halloween, I dressed as a nerd... I know, I know... I didn't have to do much dressing up, right??  

Did anyone else have to pin their bus number to their shirt in Elementary school?

Mummies for dinner!
Wes was a gangsta, complete with pin stripe suit, black fedora and cigar!  But I don't have any pictures of him.  I saw a lot of black swans, and Cards players, and rally squirrels.  Lots of sluts bees, ladybugs, and Dorothys.  Saw the grim reaper, too!  I guess this man was on stilts, he was awesome!  And online I saw Heidi Klum dressed as body worlds, AWESOME!!!  Nicric dressed as J.LO, also awesome. 

Hope everyone had a great holiday and scored some serious candy!

Happy Tuesday, Happy November and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILLARD!!

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