Monday, November 28, 2011


Hi Friends!

How was your Thanksgiving holiday??  Mine was fab!  Wednesday evening, Wes and I drove to New Haven to start off the holiday with the Duffys.  Thursday's lunch was delish!  We were back to St. Louis by 9pm, and the food was still out, so of course I helped myself to some seconds (or thirds).  We finished the day off with some football.  At midnight, my aunts, cousins, mom and I headed to the mall!!  We definitely did this more for the experience.  We didn't take it all very seriously, I'm sure we offended some crazies.  But I'm over it.  We were shopping til 4:30am!  The sales were great! And I think most of us bought for ourselves.  But it was definitely fun, until about 3pm on Friday hit.  We drove through the lights at Winter Wonderland in Tilles Park, then headed downtown to see the Macy's Christmas display.  Saturday morning started with breakfast and Apples to Apples, yours truly was the winner!  I played a soccer game Saturday afternoon, then headed to Nick's for a Friendsgiving.  I brought the veggies!  KJ made the pumpkin pie.  It was delish!  Sunday morning, another soccer game and a W (good for 3rd place... LAME) and some more shopping.  But just a little, not 4 hours worth at the butt crack of dawn!  Then bed.  Sleep.  Is.  Good.

Here are pics from my blackberry.

All the girls sleep in the basement, with the cats.  I woke up with this little big guy next to me.

Lights at Tilles Park!  Look: Santa is callin Mrs. Claus a "HO" HAHAHAHHAHHA!

Aunt Deb, JB and Mom

Happy Thanksgiving!
I am thankful for it all!

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