Thursday, November 10, 2011


OMG it's Jada's Birthday!

Happy 1st birthday Jada Jane Juenger!

Remember this pic?

Look at you now!

That's Caitlyn behind you, she's dressed as Rapunzel.  You had a Halloween themed party for your 'friends' birthday party on Nov. 5.  You are one good looking Dorothy! 
You even had on ruby slippers! 
And that chip that's in your hand, that was from my plate.  You're welcome.

You were pretty tired, so you slept for a couple of hours.

But that's ok.  In fact, many of us were jealous. 
I wish it was socially acceptable for adults to fall asleep places... in the arms of another. 
Your mom and and dad woke you to open presents. 
You were only mad for a second. 
You're very good at opening presents, especially the ones "wrapped" in a gift bag with tissue. 
Note to self:  Use tissue and gift bags for presents for Jada

After presents, came cake.

You are a very good cake eater (Speaking of cake eater, you need to watch Mighty Ducks!). 
You didn't need any help at all. 
Your mom says you get so excited for anything that is on that tray. 
Read: You'll eat anything. 
You started with your fingers, but it didn't take you long to dive right in. 
We were all impressed, I was even more proud.

Here you are at your Family birthday party. 

You look great!

Happy first birthday, nugget.  We all love you soooooooo much!
Love, Aunt Bonch

Happy Thursday! 

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