Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm Gonna Do It!

Remember this post?  It's still true.  I have awesome hair... 

...And I'm choppin' it off! Oh man! Probably in a couple weeks.  EEEEEEE!!!!!

It's all for Locks of Love.  Here are the guidelines.  I need 10 inches, and I'd say I definitely have 9.  I heard once that if your hair has not been colored or dyed or whatever, then 8 inches was acceptable.  But apparently not.

Here are my celeb inspirations...

I've got the waves like Jennifer Nettles, and bangs like Nicric and Katie.  Katie's 'do is a little short for me, but it's totes adorbs!  And I love Jen's bob from the side...

I DO NOT want to look like this:

What's the ish here??  I think it's Jaime Pressley's face shape?

What do you guys and girls think???

Lay it on me!

Happy Friday!!  I just remembered that I used to do this little thing called OMGW, and I have totally forgot about it!!  So, in order to make up for lost time.  Next week will be OMGW, as in OMGWeek!  I'm excited, too!!  A little nervous... but mostly excited!

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