Tuesday, November 8, 2011


OMG, who watches The Sing Off??  With host Nick Lachey...

I only watch it at the gym.  But I like it when I'm watching it there.  The idea is singers without the help of instruments.  I know what it's really called, but I can't spell it.  Anyway, Sara Bareilles is a judge, and I might love her more than the show.  But still.  It gets me to watch, and that's all you really want, right?  Right!

Anyway, it was rock n' roll and country week.  Every group did a song from each genre.  I only saw the rock songs.  But the judges told one group to simplify it, and then the next group kept it very rock n roll-y and simple, and the judges told them to make it more complicated.  "Don't underestimate the audience" or whatever.  Here's the thing.  If the song is American Girl by Tom Petty, and after your performance (regardless of how awesome the performance was) I'm like, "I've never heard that song before." I'd say your performance was too complicated.  You added too much of your own flava.  Beacuse OF COURSE I know the song.  However, if you perform Dream On by Aerosmith, and it's awesome, and I recognize the song then you did your thang.  I'm sort of bitter against the show.  I loved the ones they hated, and fine, I'm not a musician by Hollywood's standards, but I'm the one buying the darn CDs music from itunes!

Here is a link.

Happy Tuesday!  Sing your little heart out!

CMAs start tonight.  I hope The Band Perry CLEANS UP.  Sugarland, too.  By the way, look how symmetrical we are in the photo.  Boy, boy, girl, girl, girl, boy, boy.  We win.  Probably shoulda gone boy girl, but Amanda and I wanted to stand next to Kimberly.  I should have a grabbed that water bottle and put it on ebay.

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